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Stags! Free on Kindle - and news on the sequel.

Thanks to KDP Select I am able to offer Stags! on Kindle for free for 5 days only. So, if you can until May 17th you can get your copy FOC. I hope that you repay me my adding a favourable review on Amazon! I have sent a request to Pixel Of Ink, so hopefully they will give me a mention during the promotion. I will let you know how things progress. Meanwhile, I have just started to pen the sequel to Stags! It has the working title of "Infidelity" and there are much more female characters involved. Watch this space for updates.

Stags! Giveaway exclusive to Twitter.

Fastprint have now perfected their Print On Demand so they have returned their excess stock of books (around 20). I will be giving these away on Twitter in the very near future. If you want one - check out the time line @Tumbattle.

Stags! By Michael Madden on Kindle - eBook now only available on Amazon Kindle.

This may sound a bit barmy but Ive removed Stags! from all other eReader sites so it is now only available in the Amazon Kindle store. The reason is simple - if I do this I get free advertising, I get to offer it free for a limited period, and I get a share in some sort of fund. I've signed up for 90 days and I'll let you know how it goes.

Stags! By Michael Madden - Now officially in stock!

Got a nice surprise this morning - Fast-print and Amazon have finally got their act together and Stags! is showing as in stock on Amazon.

Just waiting for those sales to start rolling in now!

Incidentally, Aprohead books claim to have dispatched Stags! yesterday - I''ll let you know if it arrives. 

Finally, Amazon have been quite clever in using the Kindle version to create the "Look Inside" feature which allows the reader to browse before buying. Fantastic!

Stags! By Michael Madden - Out Of Stock Or Not Out Of Stock?

Update 18th November

Theres another seller appeared on Amazon - Aprohead Books. Selling for the discounted price of £4.66. No idea how they are doing that but good luck to them. Fast-Print still unable to alter the Out Of Stock bit - but there's a surprising improvement. The Look Inside feature has been linked to the Kindle edition so now you can get a preview of the book before buying.

Stags! on Kindle still going well - up 100,000 places today. Paperback not so well, down to almost 700,000! I guess its not the time of year for a Stag Weekend. And with no football there's been no talk of City and United in Manchester pubs!


The plot thickens with Fast-Print, who have, incidentally, now started calling themselves Upfront Publishing.

Followers of this blog will know that on Amazon Stags! is showing as out of stock, but at the following link:-

it is showing as in stock (from the Fast-Print bookstore). I await an answer from Fast-Print on Monday.

More news - today I have approached Waterstone's about stocking the book in their outlets. I will let you know my progress!

Stags! 3rd November 2011
Its been a busy week, and there's been some good stuff and some bad stuff!

On the bad side, I've discovered that Fastprint have not only failed to get Amazon to remove the "out of stock" from the Stags! paperback sales page, they have also managed to make their own supplies show as "out of stock" even though this is not the case.

This might even be breach of contract as they are clearly failing to fulfil orders, however I await their response with interest before taking any further action.

On the positive side, the Irish Post have included a picture of myself holding the book as part of their Levenshulme Festival coverage! 
You can read about the book signing at the Levenshulme Festival that was covered in a press release here:-

The UK edition of Stags! is now on sale online all over the place, including Amazon, Fast-Print, Waterstones and WH Smith. It is also available in eBook format on Kindle at Smashwords, Xinxii and even iTunes. Just search fr Stags Michael Madden and you will find it. Watch out for book signings in the near future - and keep checking the "snippets" section on the left for more passages from the book.

Johnny Reid is getting married, but bride-to-be Samantha is adamant that his stag weekend will not be in Amsterdam, so much so that she has confiscated his passport, but Best Man Pete Platt, who also happens to be Samantha's brother, has a plan. He procures a passport, organises flights and accommodation, and what follows is a hilarious blow by blow account of the whole episode. Stags! takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the secret planning, the dramatic moment when Pete reveals the sensational, though probably illegal, plan to Johnny, and the resulting orgy of drugs, prostitution and alcohol fuelled excesses of a stag weekend in Amsterdam. Strictly Over 18s only.

The book was originally printed using Createspace in the US, however it will shortly be available in UK paperback.

The first 6 chapters are available free on the Sample Chapters page. More will be added so keep coming back.


There are also some quotes from the book in the snippets section.

For more information on the book please visit

You can view the rest of Michael's work at

Michael Madden has worked for many years in the IT industry, as a result of which he has been quoted in publications as prestigious as the New York Times, however, until recently writing has been very much a part time occupation. He published the children's picture book "Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle" (FASTPRINT PUBLISHING, 2010), and he has had several articles published in newspapers and magazines. His subject matter is varied, ranging from the growth in Print On Demand publishing, to articles on Olympic hopefuls, and even a preview and review of a performance by rockabilly legend Sleepy Labeef, that included an interview with the singer himself.
This is his first venture into adult humorous fiction, and he is determined to make a success of it, despite being told by a number of literary agents and publishers that the market for this genre does not really exist.
He has also performed as an after dinner speaker on a number of occasions, as a result of another of his passions, playing amateur cricket.
Originally from Sale in Cheshire, Michael now lives with his wife Sally in the more peaceful surroundings of Whaley Bridge, in the Peak District.


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